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Who are we?

informacion-del-proyecto_02Escuchando Patagonia is a project based on acoustic ecology and its potential in conservation.

The project seeks to sensitize the community in the local biodiversity and the factors that contribute to environmental degradation through soundscaping as a platform for environmental education.

To meet this goal, a database of soundscapes recorded by community members is available for listening online for both heightening awareness and use as a tool for defense against environmental threats.

In a series of workshops, community members had the opportunity to learn to use recording and editing equipment, heightening listening abilities, and leading outings to record and upload soundscapes.

Now these same community members can not only listen to recordings on the website, but also add the recordings they did themselves or when leading others in outings. The equipment and learning resources from the workshops continues to be available for those capacitated to check-out and use at any time.