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Team of Recorders


“Escuchando Patagonia” (Listening to Patagonia) exists due to this strong team of recorders. Each person attended a series of workshops on the methodology and practice of soundscaping, and now all participate in the project as leaders recording soundscapes, and at times using the methodology to lead outings in the field or, in the case of teachers, integrating it into the classroom.




Phoebe Moriarty Lev – Project Coordinator

01_pI arrived in the Palena Province in 2012, working these past few years in bilingual and environmental education. I have always loved to be outside, but helping in the formation of this project has been a particularly great experience because it has really taught me to stop and listen to the world around me.


Melanie Kurtz – Project Coordinator

02_pI am from Houston, Texas in the United States and in 2006, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies. I have lived in Futaleufú since 2010 where I have been able to connect my passion for the environment and sustainable development with local community supported projects. .

Caitlyn O’Brien

03_pI live in Futa because when I arrived here traveling last year I really liked it and wanted to come back. Now I am working in the school as a volunteer teaching English classes and working with the Eco-Brigade. I’m participating in Escuchando Patagonia because I thought it would be a fun and educational technique to use in the Eco-Brigade.


Karina Cisterna

04_pI am originally from Concepción (in the central zone of Chile) and it have been working as a teacher in the Futaleufú School now for three years. I feel privileged to be living here, I enjoy enormously the tranquility and nature of this place, I hope future generations can also enjoy these majestic landscapes, freshwater, and the diversity of flora and fauna. The project “Escuchando Patagonia” seems to me a valid initiative in order to preserve and understand the diversity of species currently inhabiting Futaleufu. I am motivated to work on recording soundscapes, as I believe this can be a valuable registry of our beloved Patagonia.

Alejandra Soto Seguel

05_pI’m from El Amarillo, a sector of Chaiten. I live in Futaleufu because of my job working in special and differential education with high school students. I am participating in this project because of an interest in learning about the fauna of this area.


Edita Daniela Toro

06_pI am from Futaleufu and a student at the local school. I am participating in this project because we are surrounded by beautiful nature and with a recorder a person ends up hearing sounds that perhaps they wouldn’t have otherwise.


Tamara Albornoz Torres

07_pI am from Osorno in Chile’s Lakes Region. I live in Futaleufu because of my work as a teacher in the school’s special and differential education program. I joined the project as a useful tool for language development in my students, taking advantage of all that they can learn with it.


Geraldine Sanhueza Henríquez 

08_pI am originally from the eighth region currently residing in Futaleufu. I joined Listening Patagonia mainly because one of the goals coincide with my goals as a professional speech therapist with students, I also consider it a great instance to assess the sounds that gives us this beautiful place.


Marcela Oyarce Bahamondes 

09_pI was born in Corral, Valdivia and I am a professor of special education. I love nature and I love the province of Palena. I have lived in Palena, Chaitén and Futaleufu. I think this project will help me a lot in my work with young people to teach them to listen to nature, to understand and appreciate it and look after it and not destroy it, because this is a wonderful place to live.


María José Ortiz Aguirre

10_pI was born in Santiago, Chile where I attended high school and university, receiving a degree as a Biology and Natural Sciences at the University of the Americas. My parents instilled in me a love for nature. When I was a child my mom gifted me basic microscope with which I could study insects and plants, heightening my curiosity for the natural world. This is what sparked my desire to live in Patagonia. Traveling a small and lovely section of the Austral Highway I ended up in Futaleufu by chance. I am currently very happy living in this marvelous place, surrounded by friends that feel like family.


Leonardo Andrés Ogalde Beddings

11_pLeonardo was born in the city of Puerto Montt and later moved to Concepcion. He lived there until the age of 9, constantly playing with his older brother Francisco looking for bugs, frogs, snakes, mice, and birds, always vacationing in the country house of his maternal grandparents where he continued his adventures searching for living things. He studied at INACAP in Santiago where he received an engineering degree. He now lives in Futaleufú, where he owns a workshop, with his beautiful family.

Mike O’Donnell

12_pMike is from Hanover, New Hampshire USA. He has lived in Chile for 7 years, the last two in Futaleufú. Mike is an English teacher and likes to camp, hike, and spend time at his land in Rio Chico.


Graciela Vallejos Vallejos

13_pI was born August 21, 24 years ago, in the beautiful town of Futaleufú, where I passed my young life surrounded by nature. At 14 years old I moved to neighboring Chaiten for high school. In 2008 with the volcanic eruption in Chaiten I was forced to move to Puerto Montt where I finished high school and then attended college, getting a degree as a history and geography teacher. I have been working two years in my beloved town and thanks to Escuchando Patagonia I’m reconnecting with its tranquility and with the flora and fauna of southern Chile that make me so happy.


Ricardo Barrera Bau 

14_pRicardo was born in Cuba, later moving to Santiago, Chile with his family, where he completed his studies. He has made a life in Futaleufú where he works as a doctor and enjoys spending time outside kayaking, taking pictures, and spending time with his daughter. He thinks of soundscaping as a challenge similar to photography where he can capture moments of the beautiful local nature of Futaleufú.
Paulo Zúñiga Castro

15_pBorn in Chaiten, I now work as a teacher at the Futaleufú School in the town of the same name. I am participating in Escuchando Patagonia because of how soundscapes can really act as a description of the place one lives, acting as a good registry for future generations who will be able to be distinguish if what they inherited from us is the same as what we inherited, something that we can’t get from just an image… just close your eyes and listen.

Isabel Acuña

16_pMy name is Isabel, a native of Viña del Mar; the sea and the sand itself. Designer, illustrator, traveling, creative, jacket histories and traditions, landscapes and beauty; I arrived at Futaleufú on the same vehicle a few months ago and I decided to stay until a new interesting place I stand in the path. I wanted to integrate the project because I believe in the miscellaneous involving landscapes, wildlife and creation. If others were not lucky enough to meet even this place, what better way to bring them up here through our rescue and vision, or rather, heard.